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  • Drag Me To Saskatchewan

    A Drive-In Drag Show Tour

    Drag Me Across Saskatchewan

    SASKATCHEWAN! We’re coming at you LIVE and IN PERSON! YXE Drag Collective inc. presents to you: DRAG ME TO SASKATCHEWAN A drive-in, drag show, tour! Posts will be made and advertised for each stop including full information specific to your location. All tickets purchased for both vehicle and non-vehicle groupings must consist of people within the same household “bubble”




    May 29th - Moose Jaw

    June 4th - Humboldt

    June 5th - Regina

    June 12th - Saskatoon

    June 19th - Prince Albert

    June 26th - Lloydminster

    July 3rd - Creighton

    July 4th - LaRonge

    July 10th - Swift Current

    July 17th - Kindersley

    July 23rd - Weyburn

    July 24th- Estevan

    July 31st- Meadowlake

    August 7th- Gravelbourg

    August 13th- Manitou

    August 14th - Yorkton

    Aug 21st - Battlefords


    Tickets: https://allmylinks.com/yxedragcollective

    Drag Me Across Saskatchewan

    Hey Saskatoon!


    Were on the look for new members and we want you! If you're looking for board experience on a working board or just something to do in the 2SLGBTQ+ community of Saskatoon we want you, we are looking for all new members and want both performers and community members to join our organization.


    LINK: https://forms.gle/CDinDWxqNoMMhRA2A

  • What We Do

    We are the new virilization point of queer art on the prairies. While drag is the foundation of our collective, we welcome and are happy to promote all queer artistry across the prairies.

  • Meet the Team

    Blake Tait

    (Junior Mint)



    Hey hey, I’m Junior Mint! I’ve been doing drag for almost 7 years! I’m super excited about this project! Working with some of my favourite people in the world and giving back to the community that’s made me who I am is incredible. We’re so excited to be doing this for y’all and all the support from you has made me so happy and is giving me the drive to keep this going to keep you folks entertained and safe!


    - Junior

    ig juniormintyxe

    Jory McKay

    (Sad Sally)

    In drag: she/her

    Out of drag: he/him


    Hello my fellow spooky clowns and my fellow spooky clowns alone! My name is Sad Sally and I’ve been doing drag for about a year now but have been very active in the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Queer community for years. Charity work is a big part of my life, and these shows are no exception to that commitment! Drag is a form of art and activism, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will use my platform to shine light on important causes! Let’s keep each other safe this year, wear a freakin mask, and enjoy some safe socially distanced drag!


    - Sally

    ig Sadly_Sally

    Ciel Butler

    (Stony Mac)

    In drag: he/him

    Out of drag: they/them


    Hello everyone! I'm your former Mr. Gay Saskatoon, Mr. Divas 2019, Stony Mac! This fall marks my 2nd full year of doing drag, and I am so excited to be helping out in this collective to run shows! As a trans performer, drag has been such a positive outlet for me to express my identity, and I hope to be able to make drag as accessible and safe in the city for others who feel passionate to try it out too! Stay healthy and safe and I can't wait to see y'all at our shows!

    -Stony Mac
    ig @stony.mac

    Jonathan McCloy

    (Majik Trixx)

    In drag: she/her

    Out of drag: he/him

    Member at Large

    Majik Trixx is the name and mediocre is the game. My name is pronounced (Magic Tricks) by the way. I am Saskatoon born and raised. I've been a drag queen for a very long time, 9 years I believe which technically means my skin has aged 18 years. I'm a middle aged man at the age of 22 at this point in the game. I joined the YXE Drag Collective because I had nothing better to do in my spare time….just kidding. I joined the collective to really sink my teeth into the community. Put on fundraisers and help our community grow stronger. Also to really entertain our prairie folk from corner to corner of this rectangle through this troubling time. I am here to jiggle, wiggle and dance my way to the grave, and I hope to make you smile on that journey.



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